A little Oliver and Morning Sunbeam…go a longggg way


A little Oliver and Morning Sunbeam...go a longggg way

Oliver, early morning sun.



Mark just found these photos of Eleanor on the GASSY Walk (round 2007)…

Our Little Eleanor - 2000-2011

Susan, Eleanor & Ringo (me, too!) (2007)

So, as you may imagine. I miss Eleanor. I know it is silly to miss a dog so much, but there you have it.

However, to turn this frown upside down, I offer you a photograph of our newly adopted little girl, Starr:

Our "Porn" Starr (2012)

If I had photoshop, I’d’ve added a little black star to hide her “shame.” But I don’t, so you get her in all her glory…dear lord.

At least we know she’s comfortable here at her new home!

I can count to FOUR!

Oh yes, I forgot.

Looks like Mark and I adopt our houndies only in January. We got Eleanor January 24, 2004 and Ringo, January 21, 2006.

Eleanor the Greyt and Ringo the Dingo

So it’s only fitting that we welcome Oliver and Starr into the mix during this first of the year month.

We’re so glad to have you!!!

Oliver Tolliver

Starr Dog Champion

Ringo doesn’t seem to mind too much, either…


Tongue won’t stay in her mouth

I missed posting yesterday due to some major houndie health issues.

Sir Oliver is doing swell with his no-more-toe. All healing quite nicely. He should be sans bandage by this Thursday!

While Oliver only had two teefs extracted, pooooooor Starr had to have 13! Thirteen toofies gone. All at once. She’s the Arnold “Junior” Spirit of the houndie world.