“We must stop meeting like this…”

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, on came this…

It dawned on me that Damien Jurado is the musical equivalent of Raymond Carver.

Jurado’s music has sonically moved in various directions since his “Rehearsals for Departure” came out in 1999. But just check out his latest effort…

Which got me to thinking, “I wonder what kind of short stories Raymond Caver would write now if he’d not died in 1988?”



Two days until Damien Jurado’s new album Maraqopa hits the record store nearest you.

In anticipation, I began poking about the Seattle Times website and came across this great blog which then made me immediately squeeeeeeealll with dee-lite hearing Jeremy Enigk cover Damien Jurado. Holy holy holy crap! (reads: big smiley on my fat face)

(go listen to it right now! NOW!)

Also, there’s this song…quite possibly my favorite by JE.

Now I must go put on some Sunny Day Real Estate

Sixty-five…wait no…sixty-six

Have I already posted about Damien? Hum…Oh well.

What’s my top-seeded song on my iTunes play list? That’d be this song here. Now at 66 listens.

I hear this particular sound and I’m catapulted back to my drive from Olympia to Portland, then to Seaside with my old and dear friend Scott. It also takes me back to my many drives between Olympia and Davenport – but mostly, the long route…I-90 to Hwy 281(George) to Hwy 28 (Quincy).