My head ‘esplode…


Oh my…Kozelek does Husker Du…

Hum…there might just be a god.


Buckmaster to Ticketmaster…Buckmaster to Ticketmaster…

There’s really not a week that goes by that I don’t think about my time at Tower Records. I miss the work more than a person really has a right to…

Today was a day that has me thinking about this song:

Here’s the original video

Paul (aka: Justice) would jump from the stairwell landing down to the basement (LP’s and Ticket Bastard/Classics floor) just at the time Perry o’terri Farrell screams, “comin’ down the mountain”

Ahhh, the good ‘ole days…


BTW: I went to this¬†and it doesn’t get the credit due for being the inspiration for Lollapaloozer (yes, I have great distane for this event). Contrary to what one might think about “A Gathering of Tribes” both shows were spectacular and I was blown away when, out of the blue, Sinead O’Connor took the stage in LA…made my year.

Skippity Do Dah!

Yesterday was a greyt day. Our very good friend, Arrow has been quite sick over the past month or so. He went in for some very invasive tests yesterday, but came out of anesthesia (not a common thing for senior greyhounds) with flying colors and now he and his Parents will get some idea of what’s going on and can make a plan to start getting him well again! I’m fairly certain that BoBarrow is going to be one of those rare houndies that lives to age 21.

Arrow BoBarrow - The Best Boy

The other most definitely wonderful thing that happened yesterday is that my best friend’s husband made Lt. Fireman! Hard work and perseverance prevails! (it doesn’t hurt that he’s a stone cold fox – a pre-req for all fireman!) Wish we could be there to celebrate with you both!

Lt. Michael and Christine - Whale Watching in Puget Sound, 2003

So, today’s musical installment comes to us courtesy of Donna Fargo: