“We must stop meeting like this…”

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, on came this…

It dawned on me that Damien Jurado is the musical equivalent of Raymond Carver.

Jurado’s music has sonically moved in various directions since his “Rehearsals for Departure” came out in 1999. But just check out his latest effort…

Which got me to thinking, “I wonder what kind of short stories Raymond Caver would write now if he’d not died in 1988?”


Ray Ray is happy and so am I

Sometimes I wonder why I love tragic white boy poets. It’s a spit in the face to my gender and certainly gives me no multi-cultural street cred…It can be rather embarrassing really.

Oh well…

I woke up this morning with this poem on my mind

Raymond Carver - Happiness

It’s Saturday morning, yet I was wide-awake up at 5:30 a.m. Coffee and peanut butter toast never tasted so goddamn good.

Just go to Seattle, okay?

I swear to you, I don’t read books just on account of them taking place in Seattle.

I plomise. (scroll to 10 min. 15 sec.)

But tonight’s Book Club (where I’m the youngest by almost 20 years…amazing women, this crew) we read the book The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

So maybe it’s not the best writing in the world (says the gal who couldn’t write her way outta’ a bag…yes. I wrote bag…whateva’) but it’s a brilliant idea to have the narrator of the book a puppers. How can you not love a story told from the voice a boogins-ditter-dots?  (‘boogins-ditter-dots= dog origin: my mother-in-law, Jules)

For a good weekend read (and a fabulous cry) check-check-check it out.


In Watermelon Sugar…

How could I not love a poet who features a photo of his current lover on the cover of many of his books?

San Francisco


This poem was found written on a paper bag by Richard Brautigan in a laundromat in San Francisco. The author is unknown.

By accident, you put
Your money in my
Machine (#4)
By accident, I put
My money in another
Machine (#6)
On purpose, I put
Your clothes in the
Empty machine full
Of water and no
It was lonely.

Richard Brautigan, “San Francisco” from The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster. Copyright © 1968 by Richard Brautigan. Used by permission of Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.