“We must stop meeting like this…”

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, on came this…

It dawned on me that Damien Jurado is the musical equivalent of Raymond Carver.

Jurado’s music has sonically moved in various directions since his “Rehearsals for Departure” came out in 1999. But just check out his latest effort…

Which got me to thinking, “I wonder what kind of short stories Raymond Caver would write now if he’d not died in 1988?”


WHEW! That was a downer…

Sometimes a girl’s gotta take time off…hiatus, if you will…

aka: *lots of beer drinking and couch sitting*

During my escape from humanity, I found out about this artist (why, thank you, J!):

Where the hell have I been??? I knew the song (Nick Drake covered it), but never knew who’d written it. So, imagine my embarrassment when my friend J mentioned Jackson C. Frank like I knew his music (and story) intimately. Lucky for me, I was able to show just what a maroon I really am when it comes to music (I’m a fraud, maude…) and admit I didn’t know his name/music. Grrrrsssshhhh…and I call myself a Sandy Denny fan (even read one or two biographies that most certainly had to have mentioned Old Jackson C.) and whose song, “Next Time Around” is one of my favorites and purported to be an homage to Mr. Frank…Sandy’s ex…

gahhhh…take these witches off my wrist…I don’t deserve them!

*note to self: learn how to retain the knowledge when you read*

When it comes to music, books, anything really, I’ve always been able to talk a good game, but will always be an amateur.

…le sigh…

A few other groovy things I’ve stumbled upon in the past few weeks are as follows:

Cover Lay Down



Two very nice little blogs that make me think happy thoughts! You should check them out. Doooo it!

Speaking of happy thoughts…two and a half weeks until I put my feet back on the sandy soil of Seattle. CAN-NOT-WAIT!