I sold my Seoul…

First night in Seoul and we have encountered nothing but kindness and quietness. I cannot BELIEVE HOW QUIET!!!!

Our posh hotel site sits atop a four-story mall that houses some really fun restaurants. We chose the one where NO ONE spoke english, but muddled thru and had a fabulous meal (SPICY!) for 3 people, less than $24. Oh my! I did have to try the Soju…Barb, this one’s for you. Looks and tastes much like vodka and at 19% ABV, I couldn’t even begin to finish it:P

We all fell asleep quickly and, of course, woke up at 4:00. Michelle and I just finished working out in the fitness center (move over YWCA, this room has nothing on you…)

Now time to go explore and see if we can’t get lost finding the fried pork and bibimbapšŸ™‚



She was just havin’ a cow…

This is really happening… 50 minutes to touchdown and Michelle and I cannot contain our excitement. Not to mention the absolutely entertaining elderly couple in front of us whose hearing isn’t the greatest;)

Hang Loose, e’rvy body!!!


Know your privilege…esp. when you know you’re privileged…

So, guess what? I have a really great job. One that I love, one that I’m honored to get to do most every day of the week and one that pays pretty darn well considering…*

So great that so far this year, I’ve gone on two vacations, am about to take a third (will get into that later) ANNNNDDD got to attend a week-long conference in Seattle (Renton, actually) that was kinda’ almost like another vacation.

Ellen & I hung out on San Juan Island – Friday Harbor and Roache Harbor

Michael, Ellen & I on the Fairhaven/Bellingham Pier

The Christines

Best coffee in the USA – Nico from Vivace

Paiglet getting ready to dine at The Walrus and the Carpenter

CHARMED…my life.

This last Spring I took a week to trapse around the PNW (P’town, B’ham and S to the Eattle) and had a marvelous time. Thank you very much to family and friends for hosting me (see here).

I convinced my husband to drive with me out to Eastern Washington at theĀ beginning of August. I love road trips, LOVE them. We were in a hurry to get out west, but took our time coming back. Here’s why that was awesome…

When my dad came to the US (from France) in 1947, he moved to St. Maries, Idaho. Growing up, we’d make the annualĀ pilgrimageĀ to St. Maries to visit some of the French relatives that had alsoĀ emigratedĀ to the US, but decided it was a good to stay in St. Maries (it is very very pretty…not much beats the St. Joe & St. Maries Rivers…c’ept maybe the Spokane, or the Mississippi) ANYWAY… I decided that it would be a swell idea to take that “long cut” on our way back to Minneapolis…so very glad I did.

First lemme tell you, I have aĀ reoccurringĀ dream where I’m flying over the Inland NW. Each time I take the same path. As an adult, I’ve never really been able to figure out where/what that path is, but figured it to be a mash-up of all places in the Inland NW. NOT SO! It’s the drive between Davenport, WA and St. Maries, Idaho!

Past Spokane (where we stopped to say one last goodbye to Rochelle, as well as stop to get some of


and, some of

Past Freeman

We’d stop here, every time, and dad would buy us a Pop Shoppe Soda or a pop-cicle. Yum!

This is at the point where it all began to clear up. I failed to take any more photos (I was driving after all) but suffice to say, it was surreal.

One thing I didn’t realize, my grandmother on my dad’s side is buried in St. Maries.

I knew she’d made it to the US and died a few months later, but guess I never really thought about where she’d beenĀ laid to rest.

For that trip, I was gone for two weeks. Far too long to be away from work (esp. when one works in education and one must be preparing for the new school year). But we did get to celebrate my sister Michelle’s birthday by heading to Prosser and checking out some vineyards:

Enjoying Michelle’s birthday:) Airfield

It was swell to hang out in the TriCities with my sister and family. First time for Mark and we were treated like royalty! It was also swell to get to hang out a bit with Ms. Megan as she prepares to move to Seoul, South Korea.

SOOOO, imagine my surprise when my amazing Brother-in-Law and fabulous sister tell me, “HEY! We’re going to spring for your flight and hotel so you can join Michelle as she helps Megan move to Seoul!”

Thank you, Minneapolis Public Schools. I have the best job in the world (and the best boss). We leave in two weeks and I’m determined to record our whirlwind trip here. Stay tuned…

*considering it’s not particularly strenuous, I can get up and go pee whenever I need, I can sit and eat at my desk, no one’s going to die if I make a mistake…