“We must stop meeting like this…”

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, on came this…

It dawned on me that Damien Jurado is the musical equivalent of Raymond Carver.

Jurado’s music has sonically moved in various directions since his “Rehearsals for Departure” came out in 1999. But just check out his latest effort…

Which got me to thinking, “I wonder what kind of short stories Raymond Caver would write now if he’d not died in 1988?”



Received a thoughtful text from a dear friend whom I used to see on a daily basis (throughout my 20s) and now haven’t had the chance to see in over 5 years. He spoke of mid-west thunderstorms, Grain Belt Premium and South Minneapolis duplex porches… Here’s to wonderful memories.Image

which then had me craving a CC Burger at the CC Tap…


Thanks for the walk down memory lane, my dear friend Scott!


You are my B, Seoul Subway system!!!!

Michelle and I have mastered the Seoul Subway system. We are pros. We can tell you how to get ANYWHERE in this city…well, okay…anywhere near a subway station, that is.

Nevertheless, we’ve impressed a few Seoulites with our under the ground prowess and have made quite a stir with the onlookers, “what are those two American Ajummas doing on the subway alone?!?!?”

We had yet another day of adventures while waiting for Megan’s friends to get off from school. Yes, school on a Saturday.

We sat down and enjoyed some more street food:


Eating boiled fish skin on a stick.


I enjoyed this, especially with the chili oil soy sauce you brush over it!

Then the sweet vendor gave us a special treat:


This is called Sundae

The dish underneath the Sundae is called Ddeokbokki and is perfectly spicy. Ours came with sliced tofu.


This is our sweet vendor:)

After our mid morning snacks, we went to a grocery store and bought some fruit as well as something for Rochelle, but she’ll have to wait to see what awesome thing(s) that is;)

We did some more poking about shops (shopping is the primary pastime of Seoulites, I’ve determined) until we met up with Megan’s friends (so nice). They took us to dinner and we had even more yummy SPICY foods:


And this:


That soup was spicy yum yum with fish intestines. Delish:P

We then took Megan to her new home for the next three months…so cozy:)


While her room might be so small, her friend’s hearts are so big!!! She’s going to have a blast and experience a milliondy lifetimes in her short time here. Unless of course she meets a perfect Opppppa and decides to stay here:)

For your video entertainment, please view Michelle trying the blood sausage when we were still under the impression that the rice noodles were insides of a fish…
Michelle Eats Yummy Korean Street Food

Not very fair of me to post that since she’s come down with a super cold:(

Love you, Michelle!

I sold my Seoul…

First night in Seoul and we have encountered nothing but kindness and quietness. I cannot BELIEVE HOW QUIET!!!!

Our posh hotel site sits atop a four-story mall that houses some really fun restaurants. We chose the one where NO ONE spoke english, but muddled thru and had a fabulous meal (SPICY!) for 3 people, less than $24. Oh my! I did have to try the Soju…Barb, this one’s for you. Looks and tastes much like vodka and at 19% ABV, I couldn’t even begin to finish it:P

We all fell asleep quickly and, of course, woke up at 4:00. Michelle and I just finished working out in the fitness center (move over YWCA, this room has nothing on you…)

Now time to go explore and see if we can’t get lost finding the fried pork and bibimbap🙂