I sold my Seoul…

First night in Seoul and we have encountered nothing but kindness and quietness. I cannot BELIEVE HOW QUIET!!!!

Our posh hotel site sits atop a four-story mall that houses some really fun restaurants. We chose the one where NO ONE spoke english, but muddled thru and had a fabulous meal (SPICY!) for 3 people, less than $24. Oh my! I did have to try the Soju…Barb, this one’s for you. Looks and tastes much like vodka and at 19% ABV, I couldn’t even begin to finish it:P

We all fell asleep quickly and, of course, woke up at 4:00. Michelle and I just finished working out in the fitness center (move over YWCA, this room has nothing on you…)

Now time to go explore and see if we can’t get lost finding the fried pork and bibimbap🙂



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